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How It Works

Hover over the boxes below to see how you can get one of the Spec Homes below RIGHT NOW without having to worry about selling your house first.
This program works for both Spec Homes & New Construction homes. 
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Step 1


You go find your New Construction Dream Home in your desired community. 


Before you sign a contract with the builder, you would contact Metro Solutions to get a Guaranteed Sales Program (GSP) offer. 


That's the guaranteed price they will pay for your home so you can build a New Construction home with no contingency!

Select the community, builder & floor plan you would like to build


select a beautiful Spec home

Step 2


Get your Guaranteed Sales Price in writing.  This is the price your home must sell for or Metro Solutions will buy it at that price! Typically, 95% of agreed market value.

Metro Solutions uses agents like me to list your home and get it sold fast.  If we sell your current home before your new construction home is built, you still keep all your profit, less standard commissions and closing costs.

Call, Text or E-Mail Kimberly Moon to discuss your Guaranteed Sales Price 

(GSP) with her partners at Metro Solutions

Step 3



If your house doesn't sell by the time your new construction home is completed, Metro Solutions will buy it at the agreed upon Guaranteed Sales Price! 


No Contingencies, No Risk and No Worries!!

Sign the builder purchase 

agreement with:

  •  - No Contingency

  •  - No Worry that your current home won't sell

  •  - No Concerns about earnest money

  •  - No Discounting on the sale of your current home