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Architectural Design Made Personal

Why would I recommend her:

What I love most about Liz is that she is as genuine and kind as she is talented! I have known her for over 10 years...can't believe how time flies....and during our friendship, I continue to be amazed by Liz's dedication to her family, her business and to all her friends. She truly is a world class architect, and her ability to still be an amazing wife & mother of twins is inspiring. (She is one of my mother of twins buddies....we HAVE to stick together! lol) She always has it together. Liz is truly a special person who will dedicate herself to any project she is hired for!

Please check out Liz's stunning designs on her website. You will be amazed at her ability to combine both design and function in her work. It's truly a gift. Give her a call and see what she can do for you!!

1. What is your official title? Architect/ Owner

2. What are all of the services you provide? Architecture and interior design.

3. How are you different from others in your field? My business partner is an interior designer and I am an architect so we attack projects from both angles. This way we can coordinate both aspects of the project so there is one cohesive design.

4. What do you want people to know about you and your business? We focus on small commercial and restaurant/ retail/ Hospitality but also do some large scale residential projects and custom new build.

5. What drives you to be the best in your area of expertise? We are very customer oriented and focus on our clients needs. Architecture and design is a collaborative process with us and our clients. The more input we get from a client the better the project turns out.

6. How can people contact you? Via Email


Wallace Johnson Studio was originally founded in 2010 as Meredith Small Design Group, PLLC, a full-scale architectural interior design firm. In 2014, Meredith Small Wallace teamed up with Elizabeth Parham Johnson, a former colleague at Good Fulton & Farrell Architects, to expand the company’s product offering and service capacity as a response to ever-increasing market demands.

Wallace Johnson Studio continues to serve both commercial (retail, corporate, bar/restaurant) and residential (single/multi family) markets while maintaining consistent dedication to a carefully selected system of Core Values. We feel certain fundamentals should remain unchanged and serve as a cornerstone of service for all of our projects - regardless of type or size. These Core Values are described below.


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED - We approach each phase of the design process like we’re on a problem solving journey. No two projects are alike – even franchised retail chains, or two rooms within the same residence – and should be treated as individual units with singular needs. Many factors – zoning and building code requirements, accessibility standards, tenant criteria, construction, timeline, budget, occupancy, function, and purpose to name a few – must be considered in addition to the design aesthetic to determine the best outcome.

CLIENT FOCUS - 'You before me' is our company guideline. The client's best interests always come first.

LESS IS MORE - We take pride in our capability to personally care for and oversee each project we take on. Our workload is carefully maintained to ensure superior results in a timely manner. The aim is to never be in a position where our staff is too bogged down to give your project the fresh, alert treatment it deserves. Quality trumps quantity at all times.

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