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Keep Record of What's Important...This Can Help!

1. A brief description of what you have created. Hi! My name is Robin, proud owner of Little Wing Journals. I create handmade wire bound journals that use writing boxes/prompts to bring focus to what matters most in life. I also create beautiful blank journals to help bring your own creations to life. 2. How has using a journal helped you or how do you think it could help others? From my experience, journals help facilitate self-awareness, focus, intention, organization, and communication. I currently use 4 journals - One for personal reflection, one for financial notes, reminders, and goals, another for our latest family project (building a house), and the last I call my "dumping ground", where I literally dump my brain (to-dos or ramblings) especially at night or in the morning before meditation. I also put some of my favorite quotes in this journal. I recently made a couple journals (not on my Etsy page yet) that are designed to be garden or spring planning and another to write love letters to those special in your life. 3. What do you want people to know about you and your business? I make blank journals and spiritual guided journals, but I also make journals that are specially designed for people in 12 step programs or recovery. These journals help the person in recovery stay focused on their program and their desire to heal. The journals help the person focus on positivity and recovery one day at a time. 4. What drove you to create this business? I love journals and have used a journal since I can remember. To me, a journal MUST have two things before I buy it. 1 - It must be wire bound. I like to lay my journals flat or wrap them around for ease of writing and carrying. and 2 - A journal must be geared towards my needs. I have never seen a daily spiritual guided journal that worked for me... so I decided to create one. When I need extra discipline and self-awareness, I use the Spiritual practice journal or the Sober journal. When I want more flexibility in a journal, I use a blank journal with a beautiful cover and a textured back. A journal should feel good in your hands too!! 5. How can people purchase a journal? You can choose one of the guided journals or place a custom order. 6. How can people contact you? You can reach me via my Etsy shop at or my email at

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