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Not Your Typical Consulting Firm

Anna's passion for her work has led her all over the globe. She has spoken at conferences discussing the importance of creating sustainable business practices, has been a panelist at SWSX (I mean how cool is that) where she discussed emerging technologies being used to combat climate change and even co-authored a book discussing gender equality and women’s leadership roles in today’s business environment. Those are just a FEW of the amazing things she has done as founder of EarthPeople Media! Truly inspirational!

Whether it’s offering clients branding to focus their message, advocating for marine wildlife protection, or providing strategic and actionable steps for companies to implement sustainable and profitable businesses practices, Anna’s EarthPeople Media is a one stop show for any company looking to build a brand through social and environmental responsibility.

I believe it takes passion and a relentless spirit to cultivate success, and Anna has both of those attributes in spades. Why wouldn't you want to leverage someone like that to help grow your business?! On top of all that, she's an amazing wife and mother and I am lucky enough to have her as part of MY family....a true inspiration to all working moms out there!!!

Check out a little more about who Anna is, how she can help grow your business and how you can contact her.

1. A brief description of what you do and your title?

Hi, my name is Anna Clark. I’m a freelance writer and the president of EarthPeople Media, a strategic communication firm.

2. What services do you provide to your clients?

I launched my consulting firm in 2006 in order to help companies bolster brand recognition through social and environmental responsibility. It was a pioneering idea at the time, but I soon learned that few understood the value. So I decided to write in an attempt to educate audiences. I wrote my first article in 2007 and ultimately I had a book published.

As a published author and contributor to Huffington Post and other outlets, I am now applying my firsthand experience in finding my voice to help others find theirs. My specialty is thought leadership, which involves helping executives and business owners establish themselves as influencers in the public sphere. I teach them to lead with ideas through writing, speaking and communication strategy. In addition to strategic communication, I continue serving clients through sustainability strategy and public relations and marketing support.

3. How are you different from others in your profession?

There are not many others in my profession. I’m a specialty consultant. Organizations that have hired me include the World Bank and Fortune 500 companies, but I also love to support non-profit leaders, advocates and entrepreneurs. Really, any person with something to say is a target client of mine.

4. What do you want people to know about you and your business?

People tend to get scared off easily by the word “consultant,” but hiring an advisor doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. I’m happy to help individuals and businesses build brand awareness through a range of targeted services to accomplish their goals. This could include developing content for a website, establishing a thought leadership platform, or creating a strategy to amplify their ideas through traditional and digital media.

5. What drives you to do what you do?

I have a passion for helping leaders make an impact by sharing their voices with the world.

6. How can people contact you?

If you would like a free consultation, email me at Feel free to like my page EarthPeople Media on Facebook!

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