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Pizzeria Testa...Amazing Pizza in Frisco!

So…what should everybody do after a good yoga class? Drink wine and eat pizza…real healthy I know! We are at Pizzeria Testa, one of our favorite pizza places in Frisco. It's on the square here in Frisco, Texas. We are self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur so from time to time we're going to start reviewing some of our favorite pizza places and start and recommending some really good restaurants. If you

guys have any awesome restaurants you want to recommend to us please let us

know and we will go check them out!

Anyway, this place is awesome! It's got a really good front patio and an awesome back patio. The back patio is big. Even better, it has a grassy area for kids to run around and play while you drink wine any eat pizza.

We highly recommend it and wanted to share it. If you ever have a place that we should try, let us know and we will definitely give it a shot!

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