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Why I Love Frisco, Texas!

This is my video to brag on Frisco, Texas! Reasons why I love Frisco, Texas...??? Obviously eight 11 Place is here. If you guys haven't been to the wine bar Eight 11 on Main Street you are missing out! You have to give it a shot.

We have a gourmet grilled cheese place called Cheezie's that we just discovered. It’s right across the street from the Frisco Athletic Center. By the way, the Frisco Athletic Center is also another awesome place for the family.

Frisco, Texas is the home of Dude Perfect. If you haven't watched their videos you better check them out! These guys are amazing and my son is totally obsessed with flipping water bottles all around the house. Which explains the never-ending thuds we get to hear. I found out recently that they have their warehouse here, so I'm going to try and venture over there one day and see if we can't watch them in action!

Frisco has so many people flooding here and because of all the things we have to offer. It's an awesome town and all the schools are fantastic. Prosper, our neighboring town to the north is right behind it. It's starting to get developed and it's going to be Frisco 2.0. I can't wait to discover all the fun stuff that they're going to build there as well. Just makes the Frisco area that much better! and make it just

If you guys are ever considering moving to this area please let me know. I grew up in Plano, which is the next town over. I live in Frisco with my family and it's just so much fun and the best place to raise a family. I'd love to share all the wonderful things that this town has to offer. So let me know if you guys are looking to move. If you have any questions at all I'm an open book and I would love to answer them!

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