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Mash'd - Amazing Food and Drinks in Frisco

One of my new favorite restaurants is Mash'd in Frisco, off Preston Road and Warren. It's really really good! They have a different menu, but everything there is sooo good. They have a ton of different flavors of moonshine. The moonshine is a bit too strong for me, but I absolutely love their craft cocktails.

On the weekends, they also have brunch where you can get a carafe of mimosas to go along with that amazing meal. It's the perfect thing to split with the girls if you and your friends are looking for a great brunch spot.

So, go check it out...super cool vibes. The decor is unique, the food and drinks are great and the atmosphere is awesome. If you do go, please take some pics, tag me and let me know what you thought. Or better yet, let me know when you are going and we can split a mimosa or two! :)

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