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Why Do I Need A Home Inspection - Kimberly Moon Team

Hey guys Kimberly Moon here answering a buyer’s questions, “what exactly is involved with a home inspection and are why are they important?” Home inspections are a critical part of the due diligence period the buyer goes through when determining whether they want to proceed with the purchase of a home.

An inspection, done by a reputable company will provide the buyer with a good idea of the current condition of the property they are trying to purchase. It can save the Buyer thousands and thousands of dollars by identifying broken, outdated, or potentially dangerous items throughout the house. You can request that the seller fix the broken items or walk away, assuming that’s what you have contracted for. Because inspectors look over a majority of the house, including but not limited to the roof, AC, electrical, plumbing, flooring, you should have a very good idea of what kind of house you are purchasing.

On the flip side, one tip that some of my Seller clients utilize is getting an inspection done before they list the property. EVERY SINGLE BUYER will get an inspection, unless they agree to purchase “as-is”, so it can be a good idea to get out in front of any problems and address them before you list your home. As a seller, you will have to disclose to the Buyer any known defects that popped up in the inspection…which would have popped up anyways when the Buyer ordered their own inspection. So one way or another, the items in the inspection report will come to the surface. Why not take control of the situation? By being proactive, you can provide the Buyer with receipts for all the work that HAS ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED by your licensed contractor.

Why is this helpful? Well first, because the buyer will be thrilled the inspection report came back clean. Second and most importantly, you will have taken away all of the buyer’s leverage to come back and try to renegotiate a lower purchase price for the home. With no issues to fix there is no need to renegotiate! You have the leverage now, not them!

I am here to help you guys with that every step of the way so please call if you have any questions, but you don’t need to be scared of the inspection process. They are fantastic tools, and if used correctly they can give you additional leverage in the deal.

Holler if you have any questions! You can email me at, text me/call me at 214.783.4292 or visit me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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