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How We Market Your Home To Sell Fast For The Most Money!

Communication Is Key

We over communicate at the beginning.

  • You choose the preferred communication style of phone calls, e-mail or texting.

  • Together we select a set day and time for weekly updates, market changes and progress.

  • Any movement, showings, offers, feedback and all other time sensitive information will always be provided ASAP.

  • We are always accessible.

  • YOU are in the driver’s seat. We are here to guide and arm you with all of the information needed to make the best decision for you and your family.

Your Marketing Plan

We hire both a professional videographer and professional photographer to ensure your property stands out.

  • We partner with The Frost Project (, a professional production company, to shoot a custom listing presentation video. This is then shared throughout Social Media outlets as well our database of over 3,000 people.

  • We utilize professional photography to ensure your listing stands out on the MLS as well as all the key home searching sites like Zillow, Trulia,,, etc…

We pay for targeted ad and marketing campaigns on Social Media to get your listing in front of the people who are most likely to purchase your home by doing the following:

  • We pay for ads on Facebook and Instagram.

  • We run ads on Facebook and Instagram that we pay for. These ads remain active the entire time your listing is live and include campaigns such as:

  • Coming Soon Campaigns, Just Listed Campaigns, Open House Campaigns, Neighborhood Campaings, etc

  • We utilize our professional listing videos and photography to create ads for Facebook and Instagram.

  • Videos increase engagement on Social Media dramatically, so we primarily use our custom videos in our ads to ensure your custom listing video is seen by the most people possible.

  • We constantly update, change, and refresh these ads to make sure engagement doesn’t get stale. Again, all with the goal of getting as many eyes on your property as possible.

  • Facebook’s Ad Manager allows us to put your listing video and photos in front of people who are more likely to buy a home like yours.

  • We have created listing videos that have been seen more than 50,000 times…again targeted to those buyers most likely to purchase your home.

  • We run ads all over Collin County, DFW, California and even throughout the United States…again targeting those people who are most likely to purchase a home in this price point and in this area.

  • Paid marketing on Social Media to promote open houses to potential buyers.

  • We start running ads the Wednesday before your Open House to drive traffic to your home.

  • We use geofencing techniques – paid for marketing on Social Media to promote open houses specifically to your neighbors which generally creates better traffic, as they are more likely to let their network of friends and family know about your listing. This will also capture non-neighbors in the area who are on social media at the time of your Open House.

  • We circulate your MLS listing and your custom video within my Brokerage, as well as other area brokers, to ensure the largest number of realtors are aware of your listing and can in-turn notify their buyers.

  • We market your property within our database of over 3,000 as well as the nearly 7,000 people on Facebook to provide additional exposure to your listing.

  • We reach out to the Realtors who have helped clients purchase in that neighborhood in the last 90 days to see if they have any additional clients who are interested in your home.

  • We utilize reverse prospecting in the MLS to follow up with Realtors who have clients that have liked your property in the system.

We conduct Open Houses for the first 3 weekends the property has been listed to drive more traffic to the property.

  • After those 3 weeks, we will collectively decide whether it is beneficial to continue holding open houses, as we understand they can be inconvenient for homeowners.

  • We will hold as many open houses as you feel comfortable with.

We Are Your Real Estate Consultants

We will provide you with and help you understand your current market area statistics so that we can select the best sales price to get your home sold for the most amount of money.

  • We will walk you through the various pricing strategies to sell your home.

  • We actively engage you in the process of determining your list price. We will walk you through all of the similar sized/styled homes in your neighborhood that have sold or are actively on the market. This will allow us the ability to balance the most important component of any home sale…understanding how pricing will likely affect your days on the market.

We will regularly review all offers together and determine how the market is reacting to our pricing strategy.

  • We will look at the number of showings scheduled and the number of offers received to determine if price adjustments are needed. We will have a pre-determined pricing strategy prior to going live.

Our Goal Throughout This Process

It is our hope that when you have sold your home, you feel as though you were treated like family. You deserve nothing less.Relationship driven real estate is how we succeed.

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